Good Credit = Better Life

Why is good credit important? First of all, name a major purchase that does not require credit. All major purchases such as house, car, furniture and bank loans check your credit. Secondly, you need credit to rent an apartment, hotel room or rent a car.


Lastly, low credit scores typically mean higher interest rates, and that means higher finance charges on your credit card balances. Repairing your credit would allow you to get a better interest rate and save money you pay in interest.

How We Can Help

Resolved Financial, Inc. can help achieve your goals and get your financials back in order. We have a group of dedicated, passionate, and remarkable individuals determined to help you repair financial defects and help discover ways to improve credit score.Our specialists will negotiate on your behalf, calling upon consumer protection laws and help rebuild your poor financial standing to a positive one.

Resolved Financial, Inc.

Reasons to Fix Your Credit

Everyone can make a mistake or face an unexpected hiccup that causes their credit score to plummet. When your ability to repay a loan or pay your bills on time determines your creditworthiness, a bad score can mean lenders refuse to do business with you. What may seem like an insignificant blunder, like missing a few car payments, can actually result in higher insurance premiums, denied mortgage applications, and extra fees on your utility bills. With more and more dollars being tacked on, it’ll only dig you further into a black hole of debt.

Save Money on Interest

Pay Low Deposits

Lower Insurance Rate

Higher Credit Limit

No More Co-Signers

Increase Credit Score